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Auto Accidents are usually defining moments in a person’s life. Auto Accidents can be minor, serious, and sadly, sometimes fatal. Since 1981, the law office of SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation has witnessed the life-changing affects brought about when serious injury is caused by any type of motor vehicle accident. The recovery process may be arduous, and the consequences are not only suffered by our injured clients, but by their families as well. This is when you need an experienced Auto Accident Attorney.

We are the Inland Empire car accident lawyers of SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation. Based in San Bernardino California, we have a sustained record of accomplishment in all types of Personal Injury cases, including auto accidents. Whether you were a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian hit by a car, we can help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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Depending on your injuries, there may be no guarantee that you will fully recover. If a negligent driver caused your injuries, you have every right to recover full damages for your injuries, including payment for all medical costs, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and replacement of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, insurance companies can make it harder than it needs to be to get these damages. For these and other reasons, the caliber of your legal counsel can make a major difference in the outcome of your case.

Sanford Kassel is a highly experienced car accident attorney in the Inland Empire and has been representing the injured since 1981. He has proven to be a most trusted, knowledgeable, and tenacious advocate for his clients, and has recovered substantial verdicts and settlements on their behalf. Together with his son, Gavin Kassel, who joined the firm in 2012, our family is ready to serve your family during a difficult time.

Tenacious Litigators And Effective Negotiators In Auto Accident Claims

There are many different types of car accidents, including T-bone accidents, rear-end collisions and even head-on crashes. These accidents can be caused by many different factors, including speeding, texting while driving, drunk driving, or simple negligence. Whatever the cause of the accident, it is important to have lawyers who will identify and bring claims against every potentially liable party.

We will also work closely with you in order to understand exactly how your injury has changed your life. Your personal injury claim, whether it is resolved in trial or is settled out of court, will be your only chance to recover the damages you need. We will do everything in our power to make the most of this chance.

Extensive Experience Handling a Wide Variety of Accident Cases

At the law offices of SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation, we handle all types of motor vehicle accidents resulting in serious injuries (including you as a passenger in an automobile driven by another; you as a passenger on a motorcycle; or you injured as a pedestrian).

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If you have been injured in an auto accident, or someone you care about has been injured or killed in an Auto Accident (or any other type of Motor Vehicle Accident), contact the San Bernardino car accident lawyers at SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation, today.  Call 909.884.6451, and ask to speak with one of our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys. There is no obligation. The initial consultation is FREE. Don’t wait. Let us help you protect your legal rights. You may also send us an email, using our online Contact Form, to request an appointment to speak with an attorney.

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