Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Lawyers Fighting For The Rights Of Employees

Acts of sexual harassment are unconscionable and cannot be tolerated in the workplace. In too many instances, however, employees and supervisors commit horrific acts of harassment. Whether you are forced to endure a hostile work environment, or have been propositioned by a manager, you need to talk to a lawyer immediately.

We are the employment law attorneys at SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation. From our offices in San Bernardino, we protect the rights of employees across Southern California. In your free initial consultation with our lawyers, we will help you explain your rights under the law.

Your Right To Be Free Of Sexual Harassment

In California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) governs sexual harassment claims. This law bars both unwanted sexual advances and “visual, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.” This conduct can involve many different acts, including:


  • Groping Or Unwanted Touching
  • Unwelcome Sexual Advances
  • Sexually Explicit Materials In The Workplace
  • Graphic Or Degrading Language
  • Offensive Jokes
  • Unwanted Emails
  • Unwanted Phone Calls
  • Stalking


Employers have a responsibility to their employees to try to prevent acts of sexual harassment by supervisors and other employees. When employers fail in this duty and allow sexual harassment to go unchecked, they must be held to account.

We have a comprehensive understanding of these laws and will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your case. Our attorneys recognize that businesses will be very reluctant to admit that sexual harassment took place. As a result, discovering and gathering evidence of harassment is perhaps the single most important part of any case. We will work relentlessly to uncover all of the evidence in order to negotiate from a position of strength, or go to trial if necessary.


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