Unpaid Wages

Unpaid Wages Lawyers Taking On Wage And Hours Claims Across Southern California

The employee-employer relationship should be relatively simple. The employee should perform his or her duties, and the employer should pay the employee. Obviously, the employer must follow all relevant laws, and if there is an employment contract, the employer must take care not to violate the agreement. Unfortunately, far too many employers have difficulties living up to this arrangement. For instance, employees may be denied overtime, required to work “off the clock” or denied commissions. These and other acts are outrageous and cannot be tolerated. An employment lawyer will be vital in protecting your rights and helping you recover the money you are owed for your efforts.

At SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation, our San Bernardino-based law firm has the talent and dedication you need. Our lawyers — the father-son legal team of Sanford A. Kassel and Gavin P. Kassel — are the second and third generations of the Kassel family practicing law in San Bernardino.

“I joined my family in the practice of law because I wanted to help people who were being taken advantage of by those who had power over them, like employers.” -Gavin Kassel


Protect Your Wage And Hour Rights. We Can Help.

Our law firm is able to handle all types of wage and hour claims, including:

  • Unpaid Wages
  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Unpaid Commission
  • Misclassifying Employees As Independent Contractors Or Managers
  • Minimum Wage Violations
  • Failure To Provide A Meal Break
  • Failure To Provide A Rest Period
  • Reporting-Time Pay
  • Liquidated Damages For Failure To Receive Minimum Wage For Each Hour Worked
  • Waiting-Time Penalties For Failing To Receive Final Wages Timely Upon Separation Of Employment


Whether you are part of a group of employees who have been denied proper wages or are an individual, our wage and hour attorneys are ready to take action. We fully understand how to build and present a strong case for your damages, and will seek full compensation in settlement negotiations and, if necessary, a Labor Board hearing or a trial.


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