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The death of a loved one is tragic… the Wrongful Death of a loved one also brings many legal challenges to deal with. Grieving families struggle to understand: What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Who is responsible for us so tragically losing our loved one?

All too often, investigations that are performed by either law enforcement, or some other public agency, fall short of providing these answers. With any sudden, unexplained, Wrongful Death of a loved one, it is vital for those left behind, to have a team of independent investigators working on their behalf.

Recently, in Southern California, there were two horrific auto accidents occurring hours apart. The total lives claimed in these two crashes was 10–most of them teenagers #teenautoaccidents. The circumstances surrounding each of these devastating accidents are extremely complicated, and will pose many legal challenges.

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Police were investigating a multi-vehicle crash in Chino on Friday. (Credit: KTLA)

Multiple Fatalities Reported in Fiery Three Vehicle Crash in Chino – KTLA 5 News

Irvine Crash

Five teenagers were killed in a single-vehicle accident on the southbound 5 Freeway in Irvine early Saturday. (KTLA)

Three of five teens killed in Irvine crash died from impact, not fire – LA Times


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