Medical Errors in California

Far too many medical mistakes occur in doctors’ offices and hospitals throughout the Country. In many of these cases, victims undergo routine procedures and unsuspectingly become the victims of an injury due to a medical mishap. Unfortunately, these incidents happen to thousands of individuals on a yearly basis. Medical mistakes are one of the leading causes of death and should be taken seriously to determine the amount of damage a medical mistake has caused.

It is understandable to want to seek relief when injuries occur, due to a medical mistake. When you or your loved one seeks monetary compensation for your injuries, you should contact an experienced attorney who can review your claim, accurately assess the probability of success of any claim, and assist you in obtaining relief. The attorneys at SANFORD A. KASSEL, A Professional Law Corporation are your one-stop litigators for your personal injury needs.

Wrong Patient Medical Errors

Each year, there are instances in which the negligence of a medical professional results in harm to a patient. Wrong patient medical mistakes occur when the proper medical treatment is provided but, unfortunately, is provided to the wrong person. These errors can easily occur when medical professionals fail to check paperwork or fail to identify every patient to whom they provide services. The most common instance of a wrong patient medical mistake includes administering medication to the wrong patient. However, there have been instances of unnecessary medical procedures such as biopsies, kidney removal, and insertion of catheters have occurred because of a medical professional’s failure to take adequate precautions to prevent against this type of medical mistake.

Wrong Site Medical Mistakes

Wrong site medical mistakes are one of the most common medical errors that occur. Wrong site errors are medical mistakes that occur when a medical team operates on the wrong part of one’s body. Wrong site errors typically occur during surgical procedures. For example, a wrong site medical error may be a basis for a medical malpractice claim if a doctor operated on a patient’s right arm instead of the left arm. Not only are wrong site medical errors preventable, but they typically require patients to undergo the surgery again to correct the patient’s actual medical problem.

Wrong Procedure Medical Errors

Santa Ana Doctor Removes Spleen Instead of Kidney During Surgery (Photo Credit: Orange County Register)

Wrong procedure medical errors occur when a medical team performs the wrong type of medical procedure on a patient. There are a number of instances in which wrong procedures can occur. For example, a malpractice lawsuit may be launched against a medical professional for completing the wrong procedure if the patient was supposed to have his or her thyroid removed and awakened only to find that his or her voice box was removed. In addition, a medical professional may be sued if the procedure chosen has exposed the patient to injuries or greater risk of injury.

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